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Who will be the sole survivor

Prison Break Fan Fic Survivor
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A game of survival for Prison Break fan fic writers
Ten Prison Break Fan Fic writers will take on one weekly challenge for ten weeks in hopes of being...
Prison Break Fan Fic's sole survivor

Challenges will be issued on Tuesdays beginning Sept 18th.

Challenge responses will be posted here during the course of the week -- Deadline for all fic to be posted is Sat afternoon in the contestants given time zone -- for all to read.

Once all are posted and read voting for fan fic council -- each player will submit an email to a private address with the name of the one player they believe FAILED to meet the weeks challenge -- will take place over a 24 hour period ( time zones again ) Sunday/Monday.

Which writer will be told to -- The fic writers have spoken...take your keyboard and leave the island -- will be announced here at 11pm EST each Monday night.

The players remaining after each weeks vote will begin the next challenge in their quest to be the sole Survivor first thing Tuesday.

Fic's will be minimum 100 words with a maximum of 1000.

Success in any given challenge is rooted in meeting a challenge MORE than the love of any given story.

A great fic could easily have strayed from the challenge and be voted out.
A quick drabble the author may not think much of can easily have met the challenge very well and pass right through.

It is about meeting the challenge and the voters will vote each week from this stand point.

Take your keyboard and leave the island.... ( I hope to get banner made for this so you can take pride in your fight to survive ) is badge of honor -- only 10 will take up the challenge at all -- not a mark of shame.

We are here to HAVE FUN creating loads of Prison Break fan fic together so, don't even think about taking it too seriously, sit back enjoy the game.

If you would like to be a contestant in this round or any possible rounds to follow...
Go here for all the details
Will YOU be the Prison Break Fan Fic Sole Survivor?