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Exciting promos are big fun, right?

A good teaser gets you going and eager for more, right?

Like a really cool... * Next time on Prison Break! *

Okay, I'm not even gonna try to spin my incompetence.

While I've been in contact with our two finalist over the two week writing period I - far from the sharpest tool in the shed - screwed things up anyway.

It is totally my fault that you got that lovely taste of fic and now have to wait.

While the final two had two weeks to write the fic I did a really lousy job with the email directions I wrote making it seem as if the whole thing needed to be posted BY the Sat deadline rather than starting on that day and moving on past that date.

I screwed it up :o(
For that I am VERY sorry.

Consider the sample you got a wonderful teaser of what's to come - who knows maybe halfshellvenus may have some lil tease of her own fic ... or perhaps no tease is her tease *g* - in a couple days and forgive the writers for my poor communication skills.
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Memory Lane threads

Just like on TV it is time for us to remember all our contestants one last time before we move on to the big finale.

I will start us out, using lovely keyboard banners made by gatheringlight, by posting a comment containing a few words from each player when they took up the challenge.

Read those -- some are pretty funny -- and then add your thoughts, congrats and real or fake memories of the contestants under each persons comment to make it into individual threads.

Give them all a pat on the back and some love -- EVERYONE... readers and writers alike -- because they were brave enough to take up the challenge and all worked very hard in this game of Survivor.

My thanks and love to all the Survivors!!

** Contestant names in no particular order **
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Fan fic council week #8

With so much big finish madness going on I figured it was best to hold off on wishing our most recent departing contestant well until we all could do it right.

Since you are all well aware the final three has become the final two it time to say our good-byes -- and not a moment too soon seeing how she's getting hooked on chanchito_z's hooch and desperately needs a long hot bath -- to the wonderful gatheringlight.

Sorry gatheringlight the tribe has spoken and its time to take your keyboard, banner and leave the island.

Its very thoughtful of you to make yourself such a lovely banner ;o)
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Everyone, departing Survivor please feel free to make any kind of statement you like, writers and readers alike feel free to use the comments here to give our departing brave Survivor a nice round of applause.

We shall miss you on the island!

And don't forget to get over here and drop a bunny.
Bunny drop runs through Friday Nov 16th with the final two starting their two week last challenge the next day. They need you bunnies!
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Our Final Two

Have no fear... we shall give a very fitting goodbye to our last departing Survivor when I start the memory lane thread that is coming VERY soon.

I promise gatheringlight will get a proper send off SOON :o)

But right now lets have a big round of applause for our final two.



Now all of you head back one thread and post a plot bunny, several even, so they have loads to choose from when they start their final 2 week challenge this coming friday.
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First of the final two - POLL TIME - Bunny drop

After polling for the last 24 hours I am here to tell you that final individual immunity goes to ...

Karen - halfshellvenus

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While Karen's place in the final two is assured we need ONE MORE!

Either Miss_Vacant or Chancito_z will meet Halfshell in the final challenge.

Which is up to you.

Along with the jury you the readers will now vote once more, based on all their Survivor work, as to which of
of the two moves on to go head to head with Karen in the final two week challenge.

Poll time - Results on this poll stand as is as of 9pm EST Monday Nov 12th so VOTE NOW!

Poll #1086900 Which writer goes to the FINAL CHALLENGE

I believe this writer -- based on all their work on the island -- deserves a spot in the Final Two


Along with this poll we need you to
HELP with the final fan fic challenge.

The final two must write their last challenge fic from a plot bunny posted in this thread.
* Here is your big chance to have one of the best Prison Break fan fic writers in the fandom make your story a reality *

The FINAL TWO will choose -- without saying which one until the are done and posting -- one posted plot bunny from this thread and write a multi chap fic ( at least 2 chaps ) over the last two weeks of this game.

~~ Feel free to leave your bunny details any way you like as long its size does not surpass 100 words.
* Give them some characters, a few solid details but other than that keep short so they have room to work **

Drop your bunnies in the comments now so they can get to writing ASAP!
Gen PB brothers

Challenge #8, All-dialogue story

Title: Spinning Your Wheels On The Open Road
Author: HalfshellVenus
Character: Michael and Lincoln (Gen, Humor)
Rating: PG
Summary: Stuck in the car with Michael for hours: road trip, or is it more of a road trap?
Author's Notes: This is the "all-dialogue-fic" entry for the pbficsurvivor challenge #8, set post-escape in Season 2." Also for my prisonbreak100 claim of Lincoln and Michael Genfic, this is #77, "What?" for obvious reasons.

Collapse )

Challenge # 8 responses

Challenge # 8 responses

Author: Chanchito

Warning: Spoilers for S3!

Title: Addiction
Characters: Sara/ Michael
Rating: G, GEN

Collapse )

Title: A Comparison of Contrast
Characters: Michael, Bellick
Rating: G, GEN

Collapse )

*All dialog fic*
Title: The Connivance of Truth
Characters: Lincoln, Michael
Rating: PG-13 (language), GEN

Collapse )
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Week/Challenge #8

Week/Challenge #8

Speed and Versatility
~Any characters you wish to use.

The final three have three very short things to write in a max 90 minute time frame.

The three fic tasks are...
~ A drabble - up to 250 words
~ An all dialog fic
~ A poem

Immunity will be awarded moving that person to the final two.

Rather than having them have to chose amongst themselves for the second finalist the jury and a popular vote poll will chose the second person to move to the big finish.