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Final Challenge: The Full Wonder of Life - conclusion

Title: The Full Wonder of Life
Author: Chanchito
Rating/Warnings: GEN, PG, spoilers S3

Summary: On the first Christmas Eve after Sona, Michael Scofield makes a wish to put things right. When Michael is given the gift of a new life without Fox River, he is confronted with more than the ghosts of his past and the visions of his new future. He is taught the value of life and he learns that his real gift is knowing its full wonder.

Chapter 9 - The Wish is Granted
Chapter 10 - The Return

Start at the beginning: Chapter 1: Michael's Wish

A/N:Thank you to everyone who played the game, read the fics, and stopped by and showed your support! You’ve made this whole experience a lot of fun. Writing is the cake, but sharing the ideas and inspiration with such awesome fen is the icing.

I want to give a truly heartfelt thank you to pamalax for creating this com. It took a lot more effort, I’m sure, than we can ever appreciate, but your dedication and devotion to Prison Break is absolutely exemplified by your efforts here. It’s been a great experience! I won’t ever do anything like it again for a long, long time (hey, I’m hungry, I’m smelly, and I’m bone tired!), but I absolutely loved it!

Thank you,

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